​​The Well-Being Center of Malibu




A Word about Well-Being Coaching

Well-Being is one of those “big” words that can describe so many different things.  In my view, this is because as far as well-being is concerned, there is no “one size fits all”.  Well-being is a dynamic, living concept.  It is constantly changing, adapting, transforming, learning and evolving.   It is never static.  And, this is exactly what attracts me towards it.

Its dynamic ever-changing nature keeps me engaged, open, and curious.  Whenever I think I reached a point of stability and understanding, it all changes.  An old concept of well-being fades while a new one is born.

I can say that I have let go of many ideas of well-being that were all great and useful at some point in my life.  At the same time, I have given birth to many more.  Some concepts endured more than others.  Some were more useful than others.  Regardless of how these concepts of well-being came and went, they all played a part in the eternal NOW that makes up my life.   They have been valuable and precious.  They have served and assisted me in evolving, expanding, restoring and reinventing myself. 

As a Well-Being Coach, do I intend to know what your concept of “well-being” is?  NO
Do I intend to guide you into well-being? NO
Do I intend to show you a certain path towards well-being? NO
What do I intend to do?  

To hold for you.  To hold a presence of unconditional regard, acceptance and support for you to unfold, discover, explore, investigate, and expand into your own path of well-being at your pace, at your time, at every moment.

Do I claim to be an expert? NO
Do I claim to provide you with the life of your dreams? NO
Do I claim to make you successful in your pursuit? NO
What do I claim?

To listen heartfully; to question you, to reflect back to you your own consciousness; and to hold with you in the intention that your highest good is manifested with grace and ease in each step of the way.

Does it mean that the work is always pleasant and easy? NO
Does it mean that you will not be reluctant in doing this work? NO
Does it mean that you will always be excited to dig deeper into your consciousness? NO
What does it mean? 

It means that you will develop the habit of sharing yourself honestly, openly and confidently.  You will listen to the many different aspects of yourself with loving and acceptance.  You will speak up without fear of being judged or manipulated by yourself or others.  By doing that, you will extend your loving to all the different parts of you which make up the committee of your indecisions, doubts, fears and judgments.   It means that by taking a honest and close look at all parts of yourself, you will eventually be given the opportunity to mediate their differences, and bring them into greater alignment and peace, thus unfolding your own path of well-being.

One of the greatest composer in American History, Irving Berlin, said: “ Life is 10% what you make it and 90 % how you take it.”   Coaching, therefore, supports you in 100% of your life.   After all, what you make of it is intrinsically related to how you take it.

Experience coaching and find out how it works for you!

In loving service and wishing you infinite blessings,

Inely Cesna